Design and future construction landscape mockup

Design & Consultation

It is important to have an idea of the possibilities that your property may hold. A site visit with the professional designer from Landworks can help you discover many options that may not be immediately apparent.

Water Features

Landworks specializes in both naturalistic and contemporary water features. A water garden is truly a joy. Whether your preferences tend toward Japanese gardens, rugged waterfalls and creeks, or water spilling out of a wall into a quiet pool, we can bring the tranquility of moving water to your garden. Our water gardens are completely self contained, can be almost any size, and can be put almost anywhere. They need no water source other than a hose and have their own filter systems. We also offer waterfalls with no pond.

Amazing water feature pond waterfall
Local brick path redesign and beautification with mulching and planting


Landworks always chooses the finest materials for use on any project. Everything is selected for its appropriateness to each specific site. The health, vigor, and shape of your plants is of utmost importance to us. Substandard plants can ruin the entire effect of an otherwise great design. 

Hardscapes and Walls

We use only the highest quality paver* bricks and wall stones for our installations, all rated for NYSDOT use, and built to driveway specifications.

*Pavers are incredibly durable and a much better choice for our area than stamped concrete. The intricate combinations of color, pattern, and texture are endless. When paired with matching stairs and retaining walls, an elegant, pulled-together, unforgettable look is assured.

Hardscape path with edged barrier

Serviceable Areas

Landworks server the entire Western New York region including:

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